Character Creation

Characters will be built using 4d6 rolls for stats. 1s will be re-rolled.
Characters begin at 1st level.
Starting HP will be calculated as normal (full hit die plus Con modifier). There will also be additional hit points added to first level only based on the character’s race:

  • Changeling, Elf, Gnome, Halfing – 4 additional hit points
  • Human, Half-elf, Kalashtar, Shifter – 6 additional hit points
  • Dwarf, Half-orc, Warforged – 8 additional hit points

Starting wealth is 1,000g. No more than 500g can be spent on a single item.
Arcane classes will not be required to keep track of material components valued at 1g or less. They will be required to explicitly say they are acquiring expensive material components, and these must be recorded on the character sheet.
Players will be expected to keep up with how many arrows/bolts they have for ranged weapons.

Action Points
We will be using the standard Eberron action point system.

We will be using the Trait optional rule on p326 of the Advanced Player’s Guide. You choose two traits, no more than one from any category. Traits with multiple categories count as both. So if a (social, magic) trait is chosen, the character’s second trait may be neither a social one nor a magic one. Warforged and Shifter characters get an additional trait as part of their racial abilities, ie Warforged’s Armored Body and Shifter’s lycanthropic heritage.

Character Creation

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